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East Side Access – Harold Structures – New York City MTA
Location: Queens, NY
Owner: New York City – MTA
General Contractor: Tutor Perini Corporation
Project Value: $6,919,010

Scope of Work: Cruz Contractors LLC was hired by Tutor Perini to install 2,200 LF of 48” RCP by Microtunneling for 15 crossings under the MTA railroad.

This subcontract is part of the first phase of construction to reconfigure the existing Harold Interlocking and lead tracks to Amtrak's Sunnyside Yard. The contract includes the construction of retaining walls, bridges, a substation, and a vehicular access bridge along with all the associated foundations and utilities, will aid in increasing the capacity of Harold Interlocking, making room for the new ESA tracks.

Turnpike Sanitary Sewer Crossing

Location:Carteret, NJ
Owner:Borough of Carteret
Project Value:$2,237,515

Scope of Work:The project generally consists of microtunnel installation of approximately 760 LF of 30” sanitary sewer interceptor in a 48” casing under the New Jersey Turnpike, installation of approximately 155 LF of 8”, 21”, and 30” gravity sewers in the adjacent area, and lining the existing 24” sanitary sewer under the Turnpike.

18th Street Pumping Station CSO Force Main and Outfall Project
Location:Weehawken, NJ
Owner: North Hudson Sewerage Authority
Project Value:$3,638,075

Scope of Work: Work includes the installation of approximately 270 LF of 48” force main using open-cut excavation. There is also approximately 290 LF of 48” force main that will be installed in a 66" casing by microtunneling.

Hunter’s Point South Phase I Infrastructure Project
Location: Long Island City, Queens, NY
Project Value:$16,833,208
“Hunter's Point South is a proposed mixed-use, middle-income housing development situated on approximately 30 acres of prime waterfront property in Long Island City, Queens. Up to 5,000 housing units, 60 percent of whichwill beaffordable to middle income families, are expected to be developed on the site.” -NYCEDC

Scope of Work:Mixed infrastructure work including grading and the installation of water mains, sanitary sewers, curbs, sidewalks, pavements and traffic control devices.

Willet’s Point Offsite Infrastructure
Location:Citi Field, Queens, NY
General Contractor: Hunter Roberts Construction Group
Project Value (Storm Sewer Stage 1 / Sanitary Sewer):$14,517,000 / $21,055,000
“The Willets Point Redevelopment Plan has been designed to include exciting retail and entertainment offerings, a hotel and convention center, thousands of mixed-income residential units and new public open spaces and other community amenities.” –NYCEDC

Scope of Work:Storm Sewer: Project includes the construction of a new pile supported storm sewer/outfall as well as abandoning and hydraulically filling an existing 60” sewer.

Sanitary Sewer:
Project includes the construction of a new pile supported 36” diameter gravity sanitary sewer beneath the northern frontage of Citi Field parking lot. Work will also include heavy cleaning and re-lining of an existing 24” diameter sanitary sewer from the park service road.
Aerial Oblique

Improvements To Herring Run Interceptors – Phase I
Location:Baltimore, Maryland
Owner: City of Baltimore
Project Value:$11,735,403

Scope of Work: The improvements to the Herring Run Interceptor will be carried out in two phases. Phase 1 consists of the installation of 4,120 LF of sanitary sewers ranging between 8” and 54”. Of the 4,120 LF, 2,500 LF is to be microtunneled.

Construction of Storm and Sanitary Sewers and Appurtenances in Woodrow Road
Location:Staten Island, NY
Project Value:$11,971,786

Scope of Work:The project includes the construction of sanitary and storm sewers and appurtenances in Woodrow Road between Alexander Ave. and Arthur Kill Rd, including water main work.

Richmond Valley Road
Location:Long Island City, Staten Island, NY
Project Value:$21,969,530

Scope of Work:Construction of Sanitary and Storm Sewers and Appurtenances in Richmond Valley Road.

Stand-by Labor and Materials for Repairs to Force Mains and Gravity Sewers
Location:Middlesex County
Owner:Middlesex County Utilities Authority
Contract Amount:$9,798,415

Description:Stand-by Emergency Repair Contract to repair force mains and gravity sewers for the Middlesex County Utilities Authority.

Other Projects

East Boston Branch Sewer Interceptor Relief
June 2010
Boston, MA
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
General Contractor:
Barletta Heavy Division
Project Value:

Scope of Work:
Cruz Contractors LLC was hired by Barletta Heavy Division to install 12,100 LF of 48” RCP and 66” Hobas pipe by Microtunneling in East Boston, MA.  The project consists of 17 runs ranging in length from 240 LF to 1,212 LF. The project also includes slip-lining 3,293 LF of the 48” RCP with 36” PVC.

Joseph G. Minish Passaic River Waterfront Park and Historic Area

Completed: June 2010

Location: Newark, NJ
Owner: US Army Corps of Engineers

Scope of Work: The waterfront along the Central Business District in Newark, New Jersey is in a degraded state and the riverbank is seriously eroded due to historical industrial use and neglect. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, is partnered with the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and City of Newark to construct the Minish Park Project which will reduce riverbank erosion and lay the foundation for waterfront park development and return of public access to the Passaic River in Newark, NJ. Phase I of the project includes 6,000 linear feet of bulkhead construction and 3,200 linear feet of riverbank grading and native plantings. Two bulkhead construction reaches have been completed north of Penn Station and construction is ongoing new to Jackson Street Bridge. Partners are working towards a project agreement for Phase II/III design and construction of a waterfront walkway and park.

JFK Airport Runway 13R-31L

Completed: June 2010

Location: JFK Airport, NY
Owner: Port Authority of New York & New Jersey
General Contractor: Tutor Perini Corporation
Project Value: $2,258,410.50

Scope of Work: Cruz Contractors LLC was hired by Tutor Perini to install 16,000 LF of RCP storm drains and pertinent structures.

This subcontract is part of the reconstruction of JFK Airport Runway 13R-31L.

Route 36 Flat Creek

Completed: April 2010
Location: Borough of Union Beach and Township of Hazlet, Monmouth County, NJ
Owner: New Jersey Department of Transportation
Project Value: $8.5 Million

Scope of Work: This project consist of replacing the existing State Route 36 Flat Creek Bridge to alleviate flooding by raising the elevation 5 feet at the proposed larger culvert. The roadway will slope down to existing grade over a length of 1,100 feet, the Flat Creek channel will be dredged and an adjacent wetland system (drainage) will be constructed to further assist reducing flooding on the roadway. The project will be completed in stages in order to mitigate traffic impacts by maintaining two lanes in each direction. Bicycle/Pedestrian crossings will be addressed and incorporated into this project.

Second Street Netting Facility

Completed: June 2009
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Owner: Jersey City MUA
Completed: June 2009
Project Value: $3,223,388.94

Scope of Work: The project involved the installation of a 25’W x 50’L x 19’D in-line netting chamber. Site constraints dictated that the chamber be constructed at a 45 degree angle.

Laurence Harbor Interceptor
January 2009
Location: Laurence Harbor, NJ
Owner: Old Bridge MUA
Completed: September 2008
Project Value: $5,775,065.00

Scope of Work: The project involved the in stallation of 2,000 LF of 30” DIP sanitary sewer pipe on piles and construction of a cast in place concrete meter chamber.

The sanitary sewer pipe was placed on piles and pile caps, which were cast and cured at Cruz’s maintenance facility. 25,000 LF of 12.75” OD concrete filled steel piles were installed by our patented excavator mounted hammer attachment. Trench depths ranged from 10 to 20 feet. A 14.5’W x 21’L x 22’ D cast in place concrete meter chamber was also installed.

Route 94 Yards Creek
September 2008
Location: Township of Knowlton, Warren County, NJ
Owner: New Jersey Department of Transportation
Project Value: $2.6 Million

Scope of Work: The construction of this project included the replacement of an existing concrete arched bridge with a new pile supported precast concrete culvert on cast-in-place footings over a creek. This bridge was completed in two stages while still maintaining one lane of traffic in each direction. All concrete walls, including the retaining wall, were stone textured to give a better decorative look.

Kearny Sewer Separation & Netting Facility

Completed: December 2007
Location: Kearny, NJ
Owner: Town of Kearny
Completed: December 2007
Project Value: $3,472,858.00

Scope of Work: The project involved the installation of three sewer separation structures in the Town of Kearny, which included netting systems and overhead cranes.

Lambertville Dam #1 and #2

Completed: November 2007
Location: Lambertville, NJ
Owner: United Water
Completed: November 2007
Project Value: $3,361,936.00

Scope of Work: The project involved the reconstruction of Lambertville Dams #1 & #2.

Dam #1 included construction of new primary and secondary spillway, new access roadway and parapet wall, new overtopping protection and new low level outlet.

Dam #2 included the removal and regarding of an earthen dam with restoration of adjacent vegetation.

West Mountain Road & Trout Brook Pedestrian Bridge
June 2007
Location: Township of Sparta and Stillwater, Sussex County, NJ
Owner: New Jersey Department of Transportation
Designer: Parsons Transportation Group
Project Value: $2.8 Million

Scope of Work: This project consist of two separate bridges, the West Mountain Road Bridge in Sparta Township and the Trout Brook Pedestrian Bridge in Stillwater Township. The West Mountain Road Bridge construction will be the replacement of an existing timber bridge with a new Glulaminated timber bridge over New York Susquehanna & Western Railway. The existing stone abutment walls will be replaced by 30" high concrete walls with a stone textured finish. The existing stone boulders from the West Mountain Road Bridge was salvaged and cut to fit as stone facing for the Trout Brook Pedestrian Bridge. The Trout Brook Pedestrian Bridge will be a newly constructed pedestrian timber bridge over Trout Brook on top of timber piles.